Zibills an ultimate revenue management solution.

An inbuilt Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is the key selling point that will make your administrative tasks smooth.

What we do?

Doing is the best and providing the ultimate

We understand medical professionals are too engrossed in dealing with patients, analyzing case history, treating patients, and so on. So why overburden them with administrative or billing tasks, Zibills is there for the same. Zibills is conceived with the perspective of providing work ease to medical professionals. This platform is designed to cater to the needs and demands of a variety of medical organizations. 

An inbuilt Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is the key selling point that will make your administrative tasks smooth. RCM is the process of controlling the financial elements of a healthcare organization’s operations, particularly those connected to the creation of revenue and reimbursement for patient services. The appointment scheduling process through obtaining payment for the services provided are all included in the revenue cycle. For healthcare organisations to remain financially stable and deliver top-notch patient care, effective revenue cycle management is crucial.  

" Zibills make your revenue management cycle comfortable and convenient."

Our Features

Zillbills make your revenue management cycle comfortable and convenient. 

Reduced Operating costs

Zibills will work as a cost-effective and reliable platform, it will reduce your operating cost and will contribute to the smooth functioning of administrative tasks. It is a cost-effective solution. 

Reduced Claims Denials

Health care organisations struggle to get their claims submitted successfully, they usually confront the challenge of claim denials. This capable EHR system is effective enough to reduce the chances of the claim rejections. It is adept at claim submission process.

Increase Revenue

When your organization will function smoothly there will be a negligible chances of error , certainly, the clientele will increase leading to increased revenue. It can help in making your organization flourish.

Improved Patient Satisfaction

Patients’ satisfaction is our utmost priority. We thrive to provide you best services so that your organisation and employees can function smoothly. It will improve the co-ordination of the employees and leads to better patient services.

Frequently asked questions

Zibills is designed to assist people and businesses in creating, managing, and sending invoices for goods and services rendered to clients or customers. It frequently organizes financial data, produces reports, and tracks payments

Zibills can ease and automate processes like creating invoices, monitoring payments, and sending reminders, billing software can help you improve cash flow management, optimize your invoicing process, decrease errors, and save time.

A configurable invoice template, automatic invoicing, integration with online payment services, expense monitoring, tax computation, client/customer management, reporting, and data security measures are all desirable features that this billing platform possesses.

To protect your financial information and customer data, Zibills software frequently combines security methods including data encryption, secure server connections, and regular upgrades.

Yes, many billing software choices offer customizable invoice templates that you can use to produce invoices that appear professional by adding your company’s logo, colors, and branding features.